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Alión - Vega Sicilia

Alión - Vega Sicilia

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Alión has a total of 130 hectares of land divided into three large blocks. On the one hand, it is located on 70 hectares of land on the Finca Vega Sicilia itself. Second, in the Padilla de Duero area where the winery is located, another 30 hectares of land have been added, the third vineyard of 30 hectares is located in the nearby town of Pesquera de Duero.

In Alión, due to the three sedimentary environments that make up its landscape, the rivers have a great variety of soils: rivers, valleys and windy sands. The most striking feature of its expansion is the fluvial environment, which is formed by the materials contributed by the Duero River during thousands of years of alluvial action. In this case, low and middle terraces are formed that represent the soil of Alión.

The main soil is deep, well drained, composed of rough texture, materials of reddish or white tones, alternately with finer, brown layers and rich quartzite gravels, testimony of alluvialization. The presence of deep accumulations of carbonates indicates the high maturity and evolution of these soils. The medium, fertile or sandy loam texture ensures good water and nutrient retention. The drainage conditions are very good. The regulation of the humidity of these soils allows the vineyard to have a good early maturity during the grape ripening process. Therefore, this environment affects the balanced development of the vine, which reflects the evolution and maturity of this excellent quality grape.

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