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Luis Cañas

Luis Cañas

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The work of the artisan begins in the best vineyards, and is carried out with a rational and respectful viticulture with the environment throughout the nutritional cycle of the vineyard.

Tradition does not conflict with innovation, but rather goes hand in hand for improvement.

He delivers meticulous, bunch care, perfection and intimacy, little plastic boxes in old vineyards, and small trailers in young vineyards. In addition to the selection in the same vineyard, all Luis Cañas wines are controlled by a double choice. First, manually select the bunches on the table and then check each grain on the Mistral table so that only the berries in the best condition can follow this process.

French and American oak barrels are selected, choosing the best cooperages in the world. They are barrels that are constantly updated, with an average age of three years.

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Luis Cañas Reserva - D.O. Rioja
Luis Cañas
€14.40 (tax incl.)
Luis Cañas Reserva comes from vineyards in which the average age is 40 years old and after processing they are tasted and the most suitable type of wood is defined for aging.
Luis Cañas Crianza - D.O. Rioja
Luis Cañas
€11.50 (tax incl.)
Luis Cañas Crianza is a wine that stands out for its exceptional relationship between quality and price. The wines achieved an elaboration of the Crianza in Luis Cañas, a process of vignettes in which they combine an...


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