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Martinez Lacuesta - Bebevino

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  • 12,10€

    Martinez Lacuesta

    Lacuesta Rerseva is a vermouth made by Martinez Lacuesta wineries from La Rioja. To the traditional and artisan elaboration system, using natural aromatic plants and herbs to cold macerate the base white wine, a brief aging and aging period of 7 months is added in new Allier French oak barrels with medium toasting.

  • 6,55€

    Martinez Lacuesta

    Lacuesta Rojo is the vermouth that Martínez Lacuesta has made in an artisanal way since 1937, it is considered one of the best appetizers. La Conzia or extract (herbs and aromatic plants cold macerated in white wine) ages in American oak barrels, and is added to the base white wine, along with sugar, citric acid, caramel and alcohol.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items