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Ossian Vides Y Vinos

Ossian Vides Y Vinos

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Ossian creates some of the most recognized white wines in the world thanks to a unique vineyard and unique elaborations that express the potential of Segovian Verdejo.

Ossian tries to recover the essence of authentic Verdejo by enhancing its uniqueness, capable of transmitting the expression of a landscape, capable of aging just as well as the strains from which it comes.

A Verdejo that allows storage for many years.

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Quintaluna. Verdejo.
Ossian Vides Y Vinos
Castilla y León
€12.95 (tax incl.)
Ossian Quintaluna expresses the freshness and genuine character of the Verdejo variety. With low yields, concentration and varietal typicity are enhanced. In its careful elaboration, the wine has been kept for about...


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