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  • 20,25€ In Stock

    Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial is a very balanced, harmonious wine with great aromatic richness and incredible expressiveness.Produced from the selection of the best grapes of each payment, I combine the richness of Tempranillo, the intensity of Syrah and the elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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  • 25,90€ In Stock

    Muga Reserva Selección Especial 2015 is a wine that surprises with its flavor, its integration of tannins, and the freshness of its "Atlantic" descriptors that interweave with the maturity of the "Mediterranean" character.

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  • 24,95€ In Stock

    The San Román and minerals are profound wines that combine power and elegance, have civilized tannins and a dense mouthfeel, with crisp flavors of black fruit. Built to grow in bottle are minimized stabilization processes to ensure maximum respect for the grape and land. See magnum bottle 1,5 liters

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  • 31,90€ In Stock

    Pago de Carraovejas 2018 is the highest expression of the valley; a wine full of nuances. From a prism of balance and fresh character, the wine appears with volume and, at the same time, agile. Round and vibrant. Floral nuances accompany the fruit in an elaboration marked by its elegance, intensity and structure. It expresses the vocation of the winery to...

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  • 37,75€ In Stock

    Pago de Los Capellanes Crianza is a velvety and elegant wine, a wine of great success in terms of sales because it is a safe value. Prepared by Bodegas Pago de los Capellanes, reference bodega within the D.O. Ribera del Duero It is a velvety and elegant wine, a wine of great success in terms of sales because it is a safe value. Enjoy it in its "magnum"...

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  • 20,55€ In Stock

    Viña Ardanza Reserva is one of the most classic wines from D.O.Ca., a balanced wine, rich in aromas and pleasant and fine structure. A fine and elegant wine.

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  • 17,45€ In Stock

    Alberto López Calvo 2004 is a wine made in the "Bordelés" style, and is classified as a great wine for aging. It is broad, silky and with round tannins that perfectly combine fruit and wood, both in the mouth and in the nose. They rest for 24 months in French oak barrels.

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  • 20,90€ In Stock

    Predicador is the youngest wine of the Bodegas Contador (Benjamín Romeo), noted for its balance of fruit and oak.

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  • 19,90€ In Stock

    Carmelo Rodero Crianza. As only to be expected, here we have an excellent wine, imposing in its youth, elegant in its maturity.

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  • 37,50€ In Stock

    Macán Clásico is the pure expression of the Tempranillo de Rioja grape, with a modern elaboration to reinforce its elegance and a careful breeding to deepen its finesse.Macán Clásico is closer and more expressive than Macán, more pleasant and pleasant drink with a marked character of the land from which it comes and a simplicity that makes it very...

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  • 37,75€ In Stock

    Clio is a wine made by Bodegas El Nido de Jumilla. Harvest done manually in small boxes.

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  • 31,85€ In Stock

    Bodegas Mauro's new cellar Garmon Continental, begining with this 2014 vintage. 92 R.Parker

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Showing 1 - 12 of 71 items