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  • 19,50€ In Stock

    Ossian is a powerful Verdejo wine that attracts by its strength. It is tasty, unctuous and remains in the memory of those who try it.

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  • 34,45€ In Stock

    Belondrade y Lurton is a white aged aging wine made with 100% Verdejo grapes.

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  • 40,64€ In Stock

    Aszú 5 puttonyos es emphatic, exciting with aromas of maturity and elegance. It is an overwhelming wine, surprising, beyond compare. Prepared by Vega-Sicilia

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  • 23,90€ In Stock

    Aszú 3 Puttonyos is an elegant and fresh wine, with an acidity that makes it a vibrant and velvety wine. Made by Vega-Sicilia

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  • 19,95€ In Stock

    Silica Blanco is a multivarietal white wine made in the Ribera Sacra.

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  • 24,90€ In Stock

    Remírez De Ganuza Blanco is the new target of the winery. Throughout all the years that we have been developing white we have been acquiring knowledge and implementing infrastructure in the process developed by us, apart from increasing the meticulousness and the requirement in the quality of the grape.

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  • 45,00€ In Stock

    Dominio del Pidio Blanco is a white wine with aging made with grapes of the Albillo variety, a pontente wine, fresh and with a sharp touch.For the realization of this wine, five wineries have been recovered and restored in the 16th century, with the aim of producing and raising the wines with the philosophy, tradition and wisdom of the winemakers of the...

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  • 43,90€ In Stock

    As Sortes (D.O. Valdeorras) is made with grapes from the oldest vineyards owned. There are 6 small “sortes” that were planted by local winegrowers in the late 70s and early 80s and that Rafael Palacios acquired upon arrival in the region from 2004 to 2007. Aging for 8 months in barrels.

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  • 22,65€ In Stock

    O Luar Do Sil Fermentado En Barrica is a complex and expressive wine, very intense and with a variety of nuances characteristic of the godello variety and the special elaboration that has been carried out. Intensity and expressivity wrapped in soft mineral nuances.

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  • 39,95€ In Stock

    Mauro Godello is a wine that gives off freshness and minerality in a white wine that expresses the full potential of the godello grape.

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  • 27,75€ In Stock

    La Misión de Mendade is an excellent white wine made with Verdeja, a grape that has distinctive morphological features, the grapes are smaller, the clusters more oval and it is more resistant to diseases such as botrytis, due to its thick skin. The aromas are the expression of the authentic Verdejo, they present a greater rusticity, but also greater...

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  • 22,90€ In Stock

    La Mujer Caballo is an orange wine aged for 8 months. DO. Valencia.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items