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Artadi - Bebevino

Buy Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi wines

The history of Artadi begins in 1985 in Laguardia (La Rioja) when it was founded by a group of winemakers, men and women of the town with their deeply rooted customs and their eyes on the vineyard and its wines.

In 1992 the Lacalle and Laorden families took over the management of the project. The obsession with cultivation and the cult of the vine led them to discover expressions that can mark the personality of unique wines, wines that reflect their origins. The same conviction led them to continue their work in 1996 in Navarra (Artazu), in 1999 in Alicante (El Sequé) and in 2015 in Guipúzcoa (Izar-Leku).

Keeping alive the winemaking traditions of their ancestors than fighting against the destructive advance that chemistry offers exclusively to industrialization and the irreverent management of agriculture. Trying to maintain the inherited form in order to obtain the enjoyment of a live wine with feelings of respect and spirituality and integrate nature and the vineyard in their lives.

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  • 19,25€


    Artadi Viñas De Gain, Wine made from selected vineyards and aged in oak barrels under the care and classical methods of aging.

  • 15,85€


    Pasos De San Martín is a 100% Grenache village wine from the vineyards of San Martín de Unx (Navarra) with which the character of the Garnacha from the Low Mountain of Navarra and the viticultural roots of this medieval village are shown. Without a doubt, a characteristic purebred Artadi.

  • 21,90€

    Spanish Sparkling

    IZAR-LEKU, the new ARTADI winery project in Zarautz. From the hand and experience of the viticulturist Inaxio Manterola, Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza grapes are grown, with which this sparkling wine is made full of natural energy that, together with a long process of aging in the bottle, generates a wine of great aromatic complexity and an...

  • 20,30€


    Artadi Tempranillo is a young Rioja red wine 100% Tempranillo, from vineyards located in Laguardia, perfect to enjoy today or to rediscover tomorrow.1.5 liter magnum format. Go to 0,75 bottle.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items