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Benjamín de Rothschild & Vega-Sicilia  - Bebevino


Buy Macán wines, Bodegas de Benajamín de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia S.A

The winery "Benjamín de Rothschild & Vega-Sicilia, S.A." It is located in the northeast of the town of Samaniego, less than 2 kilometers from the city center. It is located in a place called "San Millán". It covers an area of ​​45,473 square meters. Its shape is a thin rectangle, with the southwest corner extending in the shape of a "bird's beak." In the interior and to the northwest, there is a forest that protects the holm oaks, with an area of ​​4,528 square meters. Its east, west and south sides are all restricted by rural roads, the latter is called "Camino de los Canos". Admire the magnificent views of the Sierra de Cantabria in the north and the Ebro Valley in the south, with the mountains of Samanigo, Leza and Escare in the background.

Currently, Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia have 98 hectares of vineyards. All of them are found in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria north of the Ebro river, distributed in San Vicente de la Sanciella, La Bastida, Abaros and Evilar between cities. They are small plots of land, on high terraces on poor calcareous soil. The main variety is the Tempranillo grape, which is the only grape used to make Macán and Macán Clásico. The climate is temperate, with characteristics of the Atlantic Ocean, and influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and continental currents.

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  • 139,00€

    Benjamín de Rothschild & Vega-Sicilia

    Macán is the flagship of the Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia winery. It is finesse, subtlety and elegance. It is made from a careful selection of grapes from the best plots. It ferments in French oak wood tubs for 10-15 days, its aging in new extra-fine grain barrels lasts between 16 and 18 months, and it rests in the bottle for at least three...

  • 66,10€

    Benjamín de Rothschild & Vega-Sicilia

    Macán is the most representative wine of the Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia winery, which fuses technology, tradition and innovation. This came from the D.O.Ca. Rioja is made with the best grapes from the Rioja Alavesa plots, fermented in French oak vats for 10-15 days, aged in new barrels for 16-18 months and rested in the bottle for at least...

  • 49,50€

    Benjamín de Rothschild & Vega-Sicilia

    Macán Clásico is the pure expression of the Tempranillo de Rioja grape, with a modern elaboration to reinforce its elegance and a careful breeding to deepen its finesse.Macán Clásico is closer and more expressive than Macán, more pleasant and pleasant drink with a marked character of the land from which it comes and a simplicity that makes it very...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items