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DeadHead Rum

DeadHead Rum

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On the Caribbean Coast is the state of Veracruz, known for its deep caves, high mountains, abundant rains and for its sugar cane plantations.

Famous for its sugar Veracruz is recognized as the cradle of high quality rum in the US, due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its warm trade winds, making it a privileged place for the aging Deadhead Ron.

The beginning with the purest waters of glaciers, removing foreign materials, neutralizing impurities and treating the water through reverse osmosis, we dilute the molasses to prepare the fermentation of the rum. The sugarcane juice ferments slowly and we make double distillation in our stills, removing impurities, to give a clean finish, with an unusual texture and a pure aroma. Meticulously designed to achieve the perfect balance and complexity, only the heart of the second distillation is what we use our aging in barrels. Using the Solera method with barrels aged in cognac, whiskey, Sherry, Bordeaux and Port, they do their job to give rise to a luxury rum with a golden color, ready to soften the spirit.

Called unusual rum, Deadhead Ron is distilled in small batches and is aged for 6 years in oak barrels. It is bottled by hand with supreme attention to detail. Its most original bottle simulates a Tsantsa trophy (reduced head). According to his beliefs, everyone who has a Tsantsa in his power acquires supernatural powers and is safe from evil spirits.

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