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Olivier Riviére - Bebevino

Comprar vinos de Olivier Riviére

Frenchman Olivier Rivière is one of the clearest representatives of the new batch of small producers that have emerged in Spain in the last decade.

He arrived in our country in 2004 to work with Telmo Rodríguez, but very soon he began to buy grapes and produce on his own, giving life to several small projects in Rioja, Arlanza and Navarra.

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  • 10,90€

    Olivier Riviére

    The French winemaker based in La Rioja presents his wine Rayos Uva, a red wine made with Tempranillo and Graciano grapes in his small Riojan winery.

  • 17,15€

    Olivier Riviére

    Gabaxo is in a red wine made in the D.O.C Rioja by Olivier Riviere, a French winemaker based in La Rioja who presents his wine as a tribute to the nickname by which he is known "gabacho". An ecologically grown wine made with three types of grapes (Garnacha, Graciano and Tempranillo), but from different Riojan sub-areas.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items