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Eigashima Shuzo - Bebevino

Buy Eigashima Shuzu Whisky

In 1919, Eigashima was the first Japanese distillery to be licensed to produce whiskey.

Whiskey consumption was entirely local until 1984. Built on the Scottish model, the distillery has been making sophisticated whiskeys in small batches for more than 30 years.

Besides whiskeys, Eigashima is also known for producing various types of liqueurs, namely sake and shochu. The company has even started growing vines and making its own wine.

During the Edo period, the western part of Akashi was known as "Nada" or "open sea".

Blessed with spring water and prosperous fields make the place a natural place to prepare liquor of the highest quality. The location is well known throughout Japan.

Starting as a refined sake maker, but then moving on to Shochu, Mirin, Wine, Whiskey and Brandy, as well as other western-style drinks, the Eigashima company is always at the forefront of development, using the newest tools and techniques.

The distillery has an unusual pace as it only produces whiskey 1 month a year. For this production, it imports barley and selected malts from Scotland and uses natural spring water from Hyogo Prefecture. Most expressions are single malts and mixed malts.

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    Eigashima Shuzo

    Akashi Japanese Blended Whiskey contains 30% malted barley and is aged for 3 years in American oak barrels. The longer it is stored, the better the aroma develops. Whiskeys are mostly matured in old bourbon, sherry, white and red wine barrels (also used to make their own wines), sake barrels ...Malt whiskeys are distilled in pot stills from a malted...

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