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Dominio del Bendito

Dominio del Bendito

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Bodega Dominio del Bendito is the brainchild of Antony Terryn, a French passionate about the world of wine. He came to Toro in 2003, after dreaming about this project and after much searching around the world, these old strains in incredible terroirs trapped him forever.

As a vigneron, he cultivates his strains thinking about the wines of his dreams and what he wants to offer to passionate people, highlighting the fundamental role of the vineyard and his balance, for the production of high quality wine.

He has a somewhat artistic concept of wine and has chosen to acquire small plots in his Dominion, a palette of terroir, so as the painter, he can later compose his wine.

His objective is to offer wines that are the most faithful reflection of the lands where they are born.

He puts a lot of his personality, passion, experience, curiosity and culture into them so that they have character and style of their own.

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Dominio del Bendito
€20.90 (tax incl.)
Las Sabias is a 100% Tinta de Toro wine, from la Jara and Valdefinjas vineyards over 45 years old and up to 80 years old, fermented in small concrete and epoxy resin tanks and aged in French barrels between 16 and 18...
92 RP El Primer Paso. Toro. Dominio del Bendito
Dominio del Bendito
€12.95 (tax incl.)
El Primer Paso is a 100% Tinta de Toro wine, it comes from Jara and Valdefinjas vineyards that are 15-40 years old (60%) and over 45 years old (40%). Undoubtedly, an authentic and very personal wine: elegant and with...
Antojo Rubio N3
Dominio del Bendito
Fortified Wine
€24.20 (tax incl.)
Antojo Rubio N3 is a natural sweet white wine, without artificial sweeteners, without fortification and without going through artificial cold. Made from raisins and noble varieties such as Albillo, Palomino and...


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