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Ron Barceló - Bebevino

Ron Barceló is the only Dominican rum that is made 100% from sugar cane juice. A commitment to excellence, consolidating itself as an international benchmark for rum, with a variety of prestigious rums, all of them recognized worldwide for their quality.

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  • 14,95€

    Ron Barceló

    Ron Barceló Añejo has become the flagship product of the Barceló house. For 48 months it is aged in American oak barrels to achieve its well-structured and persistent flavor.

  • 9,90€

    Ron Barceló

    Barceló Cream mixes all the Dominican flavor of Barceló Añejo Rum in delicious combination and harmony with the most genuine milk cream made from the best ingredients.

  • 29,30€
  • 20,90€

    Ron Barceló

    Barceló Signio is a new rum from the Dominican house Barceló, born to be the most versatile and sophisticated of the brand.

  • 235,00€

    Ron Barceló

    Barceló Imperial Premium Blend 40 Aniversario is made with a special blend of past Barceló Imperial reserves, matured in American oak and French oak barrels with different degrees of roasting; later rested in European barrels. An exuberant rum that commemorates the fortieth anniversary of the launch of Barceló Imperial.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items