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Ron Matusalem - Bebevino

Matusalem Rum

Ron Matusalem fueron los pioneros en añejar el ron mediante el método Solera, así en 1872 lanzaron su Gran Reserva Solera 15, uno de sus rones más icónicos.

A dia de hoy siguen elaborando el ron siguiendo la misma receta que pasa de generacion en generacion.

Sus rones son ideales para tomar solos o hacer cócteles especiales que necesiten de un ron premium como los de Matusalem.

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  • 48,40€

    Ron Matusalem

    Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 Year Old is Matusalem's greatest achievement to date. Deep and intense golden tones together with a unique flavor and an unmistakable character.

  • 23,90€

    Ron Matusalem

    Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 years old is known as the "Cognac of rums". This Solera rum is the perfect choice for those seeking exceptional quality and exquisite flavor. Made in Cuba.

  • 14,95€

    Ron Matusalem

    Matusalem Añejo is a blend of the best aged rums using the exclusive Solera method.

  • 19,65€

    Ron Matusalem

    Ron Matusalem 10 Clásico is a rum with 10 years of solera made in Cuba. It stands out for its softness.

  • 17,50€

    Ron Matusalem

    Ron Matusalem 7 classic is a rum with 7 years of tradition made in Cuba.

  • 39,90€

    Ron Matusalem

    Matusalem Insólito is the world's first pink aged rum. A pioneering rum inspired by the rosé wines of Provence, with a unique flavor that makes it a drink that connoisseurs and non-rum drinkers will love.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items