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Dominio de Calogía

Dominio de Calogía

Buy Dominio de Calogía products at Bebevino

Dominio de Calogia is the personal project of José Manuel Pérez Ovejas and his wife, Silvia Ortega, who was born in the spring of 2020. Conceived as a French domaine, an avant-garde design boutique winery, which appears surrounded by spectacular vineyards in an area unique between the municipalities of Roa and Pedrosa de Duero.

All the vineyards are owned by the winery and span a special terroir, Dominio de Calogia, a land that gives the winery its name and which defines the style of the wine from the start.

Authenticity and purity mark the style and philosophy of Dominio de Calogia, for this it is very important to know and understand the vineyard and look for low productions that give a high quality grape, but, above all, it is necessary to be yourself, faithful to his own style and completely impervious to influences or fashions of the moment. This is the only way to achieve a wine that transmits essence, depth.

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