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El Vínculo. Familia Fernández Rivera - Bebevino

Buy El Vínculo wines, Familia Fernández Rivera

The Link also symbolizes the union between the two Castiles and pays homage to the winery of the grandparents of the current heads of the Fernández Rivera Family.

El Vínculo is the exception of the group, as it is the only non-single variety. In addition to Tempranillo, it grows in Tierra Airén, a white grape variety with which the Fernández Rivera Family obtained one of the best whites in Spain.

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  • 8,75€

    El Vínculo. Familia Fernández Rivera
    La Mancha

    El Vínculo Crianza is the project of the Fernández Rivera family (Pesquera) with the aim of producing great wines, of limited production, in La Mancha. Made from old Tempranillo vines, La Mancha grapes, from exceptional payments, which give rise to wines of unmatched aromas and flavors.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item