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4 Kilos Vinícola

4 Kilos Vinícola

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In August 2006, Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero created 4Kilos Vinícola in Mallorca, an enthusiastic project whose name comes from the initial investment in pesetas by its two founding partners, that is: 4 million pesetas.

It is a winery dedicated to making 'garage wines' to reflect "the strength of the grape and its nuances, but with a different approach and presentation." Francesc Grimalt is a winemaker and a former partner and technician at the Ànima Negra winery in Mallorca. He is mainly known for having rescued the native variety of the Callet grape. Sergio Caballero is a musician, founding partner and co-director of the advanced music and multimedia art festival Sónar, of which he is responsible for his image.

At the end of September 2006, in the garage of a winegrower friend and with little means, but with a great grape, they made their first wine production. Today they make some of the best valued Spanish wines by critics.

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Gallinas & Focas 2019
4 Kilos Vinícola
€20.85 (tax incl.)
Gallinas y focas is a wine with a high human content, the result of the collaboration between Esment and 4kilos Vinícola. Esment is an organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families to enjoy...


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