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Juvé & Camps

Juvé & Camps

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Respect for nature and its cycles, as well as the conviction that only from this admiration is it possible to achieve great cavas, is a constant in the history of Juvé & Camps.

In 2015, Juvé & Camps achieved the strict organic viticulture certification.

Since its inception, Juvé & Camps Gran Reserva cavas have managed to maintain their festive character without losing the necessary complexity, creaminess and depth.

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Juvé & Camps
€18.70 (tax incl.)
Reserva de la Familia is the most well-known cava of Juvé Y Camps, it is a Brut Nature made from the must of grapes from estates of Espiells (Can Rius), La Cuscona and Mediona


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