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Bodegas Habla

Bodegas Habla

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Bodegas Habla began its activity in 1999 in search of the perfect land to plant vines. After analyzing various regions of Spain, it was the slate soils and the climate that led him to decide on Trujillo.
It is worth noting his desire to achieve not only quality wines but also wines with a lower environmental impact. Delicious and exuberant wines for a cosmopolitan and hedonistic consumer.

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Habla Duende Blanco. V.T. Extremadura
Bodegas Habla
€22.90 (tax incl.)
Habla Duende is an elegant and sublime white wine that masterfully combines the intensity of citrus with the depth and balance of smoked notes. A singular Speech touched by the goblin.
Habla Del Silencio. D.O. Extremadura
Bodegas Habla
€10.35 (tax incl.) €10.95
Habla del Silencio is the star wine of the wineries Habla de la V.T. Estremadura. A red wine with aging, powerful and fleshy.


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