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Anise is a high-proof spirit drink, its name is derived from the fruit of the plant that is usually made: Pimpinella anisum, known as "anise".

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  • 9,50€

    Anise La Castellana Dulce is anise made in Segovia by the Nicomedes García Gómez factory since 1894. It is made with a distillate of anise and badiana grain, mixed with demineralized water, sugar syrup and molasses alcohol.

  • 9,95€

    The Anisette Marie Brizard is distilled from a unique recipe that is kept secret and unchanged. Made from the subtle blend of eleven plants and spices that intensify all the freshness of the Mediterranean green anise. Elegant, fresh and intense, the Anisette combines nobility and charm.Anise La Castellana Dulce is anise made in Segovia by the Nicomedes...

  • 19,90€
  • 9,10€

    Anís del Mono Dulce is made from natural anise and other aromatic plants that give it a unique and recognizable flavor.

  • 10,50€

    Chinchón Dulce Anise is made using only natural ingredients by distillation in stills following the traditional method.

  • 12,95€

    Pernod is a French aniseed drink similar to pastis but with less licorice.

  • 24,95€
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items