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  • 189,99€ In Stock

    Mascaro X.O. Cuvée Millenium is a unique and unrepeatable brandy of which only 2,000 numbered bottles have been bottled, making each of them a collector's item.

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  • 65,30€ In Stock

    Tradición Solera Gran Reserva is a brandy of more than 25 years ... complex but friendly. This brandy is the result of the assembly of excellent hollandaise and spirits, which were aged for years in American oak casks, which previously contained fragrant wines, currently having an average age of more than twenty-five years.

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  • 26,40€ In Stock

    Milenario is a Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva made with a selection of the best holandas, whose solera dates back to 1795.The essence of the old American oak barrels, in which this brandy grows in aromas for years, forms the spirit of this exceptional Brandy.

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  • 24,70€ In Stock

    Duque De Alba Ice is the result of years of research and tastings, selecting from the very old boots of the Solera of the Grand Reserve Grand Duke of Alba, they have allowed to select and develop a brandy of fresh and fruity character specially designed to serve it with ice or combined .

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items