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To make a purchase in our online store, follow these steps:

  •     Register in our online store or log in with your data if you are already registered. If you prefer you can do it later, during the purchase process.
  •     Browse through our store and find the products you want through the search engine or by browsing the different categories.
  •     In the product file you will see the price and the minimum quantity to buy at that price, usually the price will appear for the purchase of a bottle, except some products that are offered for purchase in boxes of 6 bottles, if you want to buy by bottles On the other hand, select "1 bottle, or 6 bottles in the reverse case" under other quantities / see price, then choose the desired quantity and click "add to cart".
  •     To continue shopping, repeat the process to add more items to your basket.
  •     To process your order, click on your cart and click "confirm".
  •     If you are not yet registered, enter your account information and your shipping address if it is different, if you have already registered, confirm your shipping address or add a different one. If you do not want to register as a customer you can choose to buy as a "guest"
  •     Choose the shipping method for your order.
  •     Select a payment method: By credit / debit card, Paypal or by bank transfer.
  •     Accept the terms and conditions of sale.
  •     If you have chosen to pay by card you must enter the card number, cardholder's name and expiration date, in some cases a security code will be sent to your mobile phone to confirm your identity.
  •     If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer confirm the purchase, the instructions to follow to carry out the transfer will appear.
  •     If you have chosen to pay by Paypal we will redirect you to the main page
  •     Upon payment you will receive an email confirming your order. If you haven't received it, look in your spam mailbox.

Purchase tips:

  •     To reduce shipping costs we recommend buying in multiples of 6, either buying 6 different products or 6 bottles of the same product.
  •     In some of our products you can get discounts when buying for complete boxes of 6 bottles.
  •     By having a lot of stock movement, the prices and quantities available may vary at any time depending on the inputs and outputs of our warehouse.
  •     The stocks are updated at the end of the day, so it is recommended that you contact us if you want to buy all the stocks of a product to confirm the existence of them.
  •     If you want to place an order higher than the stocks in stock of a product you can contact us to request them since not all of our stock is available for purchase online.
  •     We have in stock more references than we sell online, such as cheap wines and champagnes, liquor bottles, various liquors, gins, vermouths and most of the best known liquors.
  •     You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp 0034609330071 or through our contact form.

Promotions for registered users:

  • By registering as a customer you will receive a € 5 discount coupon to be able to spend on purchases over € 60.
  • Loyalty program: Get points with your purchases, the more you buy the more points. Collect points and redeem them on your next purchases. Save up to 4% of your purchases.