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Liquor creams, these drinks are made up of liqueurs mixed with dairy drinks. They offer a smooth and sweet flavor.

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  • 8,50€

    Casajus Orujo Cream, exceptional flavor and texture combined to create the best pomace cream for your after-meals.A careful elaboration process and with the best ingredients, accompanied by the texture, make this product a perfect complement to create countless desserts, or simply to put an exceptional point on your meals. A pleasant and surprising cream...

  • 11,75€

    Baileys cream is the perfect balance between old-fashioned Irish whiskey and fresh Irish cream, with a touch of cocoa and vanilla.

  • 8,50€

    Crema De Burgos Casajús, a novel Burgos yolk liqueur, a tribute to this typical Burgos dessert turned into an ideal liqueur cream to preside over any after-dinner meal.

  • 11,90€

    Ruavieja Cream is made following the authentic tradition of distillate. Beige in color with combined aromas of cocoa, caramel, roasted coffee and light notes of praline. Sweet and balanced on the palate, unctuous, persistent in flavor.

  • 8,50€

    Casajús Pomace and Coffee Cream has a texture and an indispensable flavor for any dessert or dinner. The arrangement of the cream with the aroma and flavor of coffee combine perfectly.

  • 8,50€

    Casajús Pomace and Chocolate Cream is a cream with a sweet touch provided by a selection of the best chocolate bathed in exceptional texture.

  • 10,90€

    Joaquín Rebolledo

    Joaquín Rebolledo's Orujo Cream is made with the Mencia variety.

  • 9,90€

    Ron Barceló

    Barceló Cream mixes all the Dominican flavor of Barceló Añejo Rum in delicious combination and harmony with the most genuine milk cream made from the best ingredients.

  • 12,35€

    Licor 43 is created by using a secret recipe that uses 43 natural ingredients, including selected plants and citrus from the Mediterranean, making it a unique liquor.

  • 13,50€

    Cuirass Tequila cream with chocolate, is inspired by an ancient mixture, the strength of a cuirass [Cuirass] represented by Tequila and the exoticism of chocolate ... a set originating in pre-Columbian America, reinterpreted in this cream.

  • 13,50€

    Cuirass Tequila and strawberry cream, is inspired by that subtle mixture, the strength of a cuirass (Cuirass) represented by Tequila and the sweetness of strawberry ... creating a harmonious and unique set.

  • 8,40€

    Melody, the authentic Catalan cream liqueur, is characterized by the freshness of its aroma and its natural flavor. Melody is the result of turning a popular centuries-old dairy dessert into liqueur.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items