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D.O. NAVARRAThere are 4 products.

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  • 9,65€ In Stock

    Altos De Inurrieta Reserva is a red wine with D.O. Navarra, a wine with a body elaborated for delight, full of pleasure and balance. It is made with Syrah and Graciano grapes.

    In Stock
  • 15,90€ In Stock

    Artazu Pasos De San Martín is a village wine, from the vineyards of San Martín de Unx with which the personality of the Garnacha of the Lower Mountain of Navarra is shown and the wine-growing roots rooted in this medieval town

    In Stock
  • 20,45€ In Stock

    Chivite Colección 125 Reserva is a wine of limited production, noble and unique, that has been aged in French oak barrels for 14 months. Made with Tempranillo grapes in the D.O.P. Navarra.

    In Stock
  • 6,45€ In Stock

    Inurrieta Orchidea is a white wine with aging made with Sauvignon Blanc grape, with D.O. Navarre.

    In Stock
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items