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Frizz Wine

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Aguja wine is a young, non-sparkling wine that must be consumed in the same year to fully appreciate its freshness and sparkling charm.

The "needle" wine is not cava, nor sparkling wine. It is precisely because of its origin or production that it retains a small amount of carbon dioxide from the fermentation of sugar. When you open the bottle, these gases will be released as bubbles, but no foam will be produced.

The grape varieties used to make sparkling wine are not special or different from other wines. If they are made from authorized grape varieties, it is due to special production practices. For white wines the same varieties are usually found (Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel.lo) for cava, while for rosé wines there are many similar varieties, such as Garnacha, Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot, etc. wine. Sometimes the wine turns sweet, for example, it can be made from muscat grapes.

Sparkling wine can also be aerated. This happens when part of the carbon dioxide contained in sparkling wine is added.

For sparkling wine to be best enjoyed, it must be drunk at a suitable temperature and must be strictly restricted to fully appreciate its freshness and sparkling charm. Its operating temperature is between 6º and 8ºC. Sparkling wines are very fresh and fruity wines, they are refreshing.

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Canto 5 Frizze
Diez Siglos
Castilla y León
€5.75 (tax incl.)
Canto 5 Frizzé is a frizzante white wine, made with Verdejo grapes.
Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante
Frizz Wine
€6.95 (tax incl.)
Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante iIt is a young white wine, partially fermented, fresh and sweet, with a touch of carbon and only 5.5% alcohol.
Ennius Blanco Frizzante Moscato
Frizz Wine
€3.90 (tax incl.)
Ennius is a frizzante white wine made from Moscato grapes.
Peñascal Rosado Aguja. V.T. Castilla Y León
Bodegas Peñascal
Rosé Wine
€4.20 (tax incl.)
Peñascal Rosado en un vino de aguja natural, afrutado, perfumado y muy fresco. Su color y su sabor lo hacen deliciosamente único. El acompañante perfecto para todo tipo de comidas.
Blanc Pesacador
€4.95 (tax incl.)
€4.70 (tax incl.)
Cresta Rosa Perelada is a rosé sparkling wine. A great rosé made with the Tempranillo, Merlot and Cavernet Sauvignon varieties, and with a subtle needlepoint that gives it freshness.


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