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94 RP Viña Ardanza reserva - D.O. Rioja
La Rioja Alta
€25.65 (tax incl.)
Viña Ardanza Reserva is a red wine produced by La Rioja Alta winery in the Rioja region of Spain. This wine is a blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha grapes, which are carefully selected from the best vineyards...
94 RP Marqués De Murrieta Reserva - D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Marqués de Murrieta
€20.50 (tax incl.)
Marqués de Murrieta Reserva is an elegant wine that combines complexity and finesse, a wine with muscle and great potential, an example of the elegance, balance and regularity that characterize the Marqués de Murrieta...
Nabal Rosé. D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Nabal Bodegas & Viñedos
Ribera del Duero
€9.95 (tax incl.)
Nabal Rosé Rosado de Lágrima is an excellent pink wine made with Tempranillo grape and a small percentage of Garnacha and Albillo Mayor, thus obtaining a fresh and silky wine.
Proelio Crianza 2018
€8.50 (tax incl.) €9.20
Proelio Crianza is a red wine from the D.O.Ca. Rioja made with a combination of Tempranillo grapes with small contributions of Garnacha and Maturana, resulting in a very fruity, fresh, balanced wine with a smooth...
Beronia crianza. D.O. Rioja
€7.20 (tax incl.)
Beronia Crianza is a classic red from the D.O.Ca. Rioja, an intense and balanced wine, with good structure and great versatility.
Viña Salceda Crianza - Rioja
Viña Salceda
€7.40 (tax incl.)
Viña Salceda Crianza is a red wine made from the Tempranillo variety, with a touch of Mazuelo and Graciano. After aging in American oak barrels, it goes to bottle until its roundness and balance. D.O.Ca. Rioja
93 RP Viña Real Reserva
€10.50 (tax incl.)
Super price!
Viña Real Reserva combines the personality, character and elegance of Rioja Alavesa with the roundness and balance of perfect aging. It is a complex wine, long in the mouth, fleshy and with great potential for aging...
Muga El Andén De La Estación
€10.30 (tax incl.)
El Andén de la Estación is a modern wine, made with the Tempranillo and Garnacha varieties and aged for 14 months in oak barrels, made in the Muga Winery itself, one of the most emblematic of the D.O.Ca. Rioja. A...
94 RP Muga reserva selección especial - D.O. Rioja
€30.50 (tax incl.)
Muga Reserva Selección Especial 2015 is a wine that surprises with its flavor, its integration of tannins, and the freshness of its "Atlantic" descriptors that interweave with the maturity of the "Mediterranean"...
92 RP Prima - D.O. Toro
Bodegas San Román
€11.10 (tax incl.)
Prima is a modern wine from D.O. Toro, created by Mariano García de las Bodegas Mauro and Aalto. With a year-old aging and coming from younger vines, it is a structured but easy to drink wine, with polished tannins...
90 RP Laya. D.O. Almansa
Bodegas Juan Gil
€6.45 (tax incl.)
Laya is an oak red wine with D.O. Almansa, prepared by Bodegas Atalaya belonging to the Family Bodegas Juan Gil group.
Grillo. Somontano
El Grillo Y La Luna
€31.95 (tax incl.) €36.95
Grillo is a wine produced by the family winery El Grillo Y La Luna in Somontano. For its elaboration, clarification by gravity and fermentation in French oak fudres are used, separated by variety and plot.
Sardón 2016. V.T. Castilla Y León. Quinta Sardonia
Bodegas Terras Gauda
Castilla y León
€9.35 (tax incl.)
Sardón is a red wine with aging, with denomination of origin V.T. Castilla y León, is made by the Quinta Sardonia winery, owned by Bodegas Terras Gauda. It is a wine for immediate enjoyment. A wine that, although of...
94 RP Remelluri Reserva - D.O.Ca. Rioja
Granja Ntra. Sra. de Remelluri
€23.25 (tax incl.)
Remelluri Reserva is the original Granja Nuestra Señora de Remelluri state wine, fruit of the most important vineyards of the property.
Cerro Añón Crianza
Bodegas Olarra
€6.80 (tax incl.)
Cerro Añón Crianza is a Rioja red made by blending high-quality grapes and vineyards from Rioja Alta, Media and Rioja Alavesa.
94 RP PSI . D.O. Ribera del Duero
Dominio de Pingus
Ribera del Duero
€45.90 (tax incl.)
PSI Creation by Peter Sisseck is a wine with a fresh and fruity character, which stands out from the other wines of the Dominio de Pingus. It is made with younger vines and aged in large oak vats.
Muga Crianza - D.O. Rioja
€18.60 (tax incl.)
Muga Crianza es uno de los vinos más clásicos de La Rioja, tradición musical y modernidad, es fiel reflejo de las características singulares características climáticas y orográficas, que hacen dan a este vino una...
Marques de Caceres Crianza - D.O. Rioja
Marquès de Càceres
€7.50 (tax incl.)
Marqués de Cáceres Crianza is a wine that needs no introduction, perfect to accompany daily meals.
Horola Garnacha
Bodegas Horola
€15.95 (tax incl.) €18.00
Horola Garnacha is a signature wine made with 100% native Garnacha grapes from La Rioja, from vineyards between 40 and 100 years old.
Rioja Bordón Crianza - D.O.Ca. Rioja
Bodegas Franco Españolas
€6.90 (tax incl.)
Bordón Crianza, a red wine made with Tempranillo and Garnacha, a classic from the D.O.Ca. Rioja. Ideal to enjoy daily as an accompaniment to meals and tapas.
Rioja Bordón Crianza 37,5 cl
Bodegas Franco Españolas
€4.80 (tax incl.)
Bordón crianza, a red wine from D.O.Ca. Rioja that does not need presentation.
93 RP Contino Reserva
€27.30 (tax incl.)
Contino Reserva is a red wine from the D.O.Ca. Rioja made at the Viñedos de Contino Winery, belonging to the Vinicola del Norte de España Company (C.V.N.E.).
Cune Crianza - D.O. Rioja
€6.45 (tax incl.)
Cune Crianza is the first wine produced in the Haro winery that was bottled under the Cune brand.In the style of the "claret" of the Medoc Bordelés. This wine evolved to become the "Crianza" previously known as "Third...
Roda Reserva - D.O. Rioja
€28.50 (tax incl.)
Roda wines have their own style. They are voluminous wines, without troughs. Tasty, fruity and long. With melted and soft tannins.


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