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Buy Malvasía online on Bebevino

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  • 18,20€

    Granja Ntra. Sra. de Remelluri

    Remelluri Reserva is the original Granja Nuestra Señora de Remelluri state wine, fruit of the most important vineyards of the property

  • 25,95€

    Remirez de Ganuza

    Remírez De Ganuza Blanco is the great white wine produced by Bodegas Remírez de Ganuza, a multivarietal white made mainly from Viura and with smaller percentages of Malvasía, Garnacha Blanca and other white grapes.

  • 6,55€

    Lar de Paula

    Lar de Paula Blanco Fermentado En Barrica is a wine made in stainless steel tanks of 18,000 liters capacity. The fermentation takes place in new French and American oak barrels where it will remain for around 90 days. It will remain in the bottle a minimum of 6 months before its commercialization. Viura and Malvasía grapes have been used to make them.

  • 53,85€

    Remirez de Ganuza

    Remírez De Ganuza Reserva is the flagship of Remírez de Ganuza. Wine made from grapes harvested from vines over 60 years old. Malolactic fermentation aging in new barrels.

  • 23,95€

    Ribera del Duero

    Pícaro Del Águila es un vino rosado ecológico de la D.O. Ribera del Duero, elaborado de forma tradicional con variedades tintas y blancas fermentadas conjuntamente en barricas de roble francés durante 20 meses. El resultado es un vino rosado con deliciosos y sugerentes aromas de blanco y cuerpo de tinto fresco y elegante: una delicia para los sentidos.

  • 82,50€

    Remirez de Ganuza

    Remírez De Ganuza Trasnocho is made using an innovative wine extraction system. A bag of food PVC is introduced inside the diverted tank, filled with water and the skins are squeezed, thus releasing 70% of the wine they still contain. This procedure, so simple but at the same time special, avoids friction between the skins and the oxidation of the wine,...

  • 10,40€

    Can Sumoi

    Can Sumoi Perfum is an organic white wine made by Can Sumoi el Montmell, D.O. Penedès

  • 39,25€

    Bodegas San Román

    Málvasia is a aging white wine made by the prestigious San Román winery in Toro.

  • 6,85€


    El Marido De Mi Amiga is a semi-sweet white wine made with white Tempranillo, Malvasía and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, each variety is fermented separately to ensure that the coupage obtained is that of a balanced wine in graduation, sugar and acidity.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items