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    Viña El Pisón is a wine full of subtle mineral characters, fine fruits, complex and delicate spicy sequences and tannins with enveloping and caressing volumes. A wine of surprising expressiveness. Natural elegance with deep and changing sensations.

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    Artadi El Carretil is characterized by being wines with deep, fibrous and sculptural sensations. Mature profiles and marked sensations of minerality. Expressions of fine tannicity and enveloping texture.

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    Artadi La Poza de Ballesteros is a mature wine with a thick outline, with sensations of volume in the mouth and forceful nuances of fruit in season. Wide, round and dense tannins reflecting a vineyard with its own character.

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    Remírez De Ganuza Trasnocho is made using an innovative wine extraction system. A bag of food PVC is introduced inside the diverted tank, filled with water and the skins are squeezed, thus releasing 70% of the wine they still contain. This procedure, so simple but at the same time special, avoids friction between the skins and the oxidation of the wine,...

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    Aalto PS It is a long and harmonious wine that can be drunk now, and that will improve in structure and complexity over the years. Aalto Pagos Seleccionados is a wine whose aging in wood has given it depth, without overlapping the freshness and typical fruit of Tempranillo.  Aalto PS 2014 Aalto PS 2017

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    Alión is a great wine made by Bodegas y Viñedos Alion, belonging to the Vega Sicilia group. It is a fleshy wine, complex and intense, but in which the elegance plays as differentiating element and hallmark of the winery.New vintage 2016

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    Macán emerged from the bowels of La Rioja. A wine of yesteryear and today that respects the most authentic and typical style of a prestigious region.  A wine that searches for harmony by turning to its roots. The nature of its origins gives it a special elegance, a lingering mark, wrapping it in an unforgettable balance of sensitivity and expressivity.

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    Mauro Vendimia Seleccionada 2015 is the red wine with the most careful preparation of the Mauro Winery. For its elaboration, 100% Tempranillo selected grapes have been used, aged for 33 months in French and American oak barrels. Created by winemaker Mariano García.

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    Hacienda Monasterio Reserva is a wine with a harmonious set, very long and persistent structure where finesse and power predominate.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items