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    Juan Gil Etiqueta Plata 12 months is made with grapes of the Monastrell variety with a low yield of around 2,500 Kg / Ha. The wine is aged in French oak barrels.

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    The wine Barón de Chirel Verdejo Viñas Centenarias comes from very old vines over 100 years old from the areas of Aldeanueva del Codonal and Aldehuela, Segovia, where Verdejo is different from Rueda due to the acidic and granitic nature of the soils.Upon reaching the cellar, it passes through a double selection table of clusters and whole grapes. Only the...

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    Antídoto is the wine from the lands of Soria, coming from the easternmost area of the DO Ribera de Duero, as is the province of Soria. A ready and open wine to seduce wine lovers.

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    Alion is a great wine made by Bodegas y Viñedos Alion, belonging to the Vega Sicilia group. It is a fleshy wine, complex and intense, but in which the elegance plays as differentiating element and hallmark of the winery.Alion 2013 - 94 points Parker

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    Vega Sicilia Único is the reference wine of Vega Sicilia, one of the unquestionable references among the best wines in the world. A wine with a careful preparation, which seduces by its elegance, sobriety and quality. It comes from the oldest vineyards of the property and also from the DO Ribera del Duero and its composition, in addition to tempranillo,...

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    Valbuena 5º Año 2008 of Vega-Sicilia is a wine that shows us the purest expression of the Tempranillo grape, the splendor of each vintage within Vega Sicilia. The assemblage of varieties that make up this magnificent wine has the predominant grape predominantly in the fine red wine. The other variety used is Merlot, which will participate to a greater or...

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    Aalto PS It is a long and harmonious wine that can be drunk now, and that will improve in structure and complexity over the years. Aalto Pagos Seleccionados is a wine whose aging in wood has given it depth, without overlapping the freshness and typical fruit of Tempranillo. 

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    Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé is a wine of pure pleasure, wine of great gastronomy, Cristal is delicate and powerful at the same time, full of subtlety and precision. Made only during the "big years".

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    Carmelo Rodero Crianza. As only to be expected, here we have an excellent wine, imposing in its youth, elegant in its maturity.

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    Calvario Finca Allende is a unique and unrepeatable wine that expresses the magic and reflects the strength of the floors. Produced by the Finca Allende winery within the D.O.Ca. Rioja

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    Carmen Gran Reserva is a red wine of great quality, one of the wines representative of Benjamín Romeo's work in Bodega Contador. Pay tribute to Carmen Hilera, the mother of Benjamin.A Gran Reserva in the classic Rioja style, made with 100% Tempranillo grapes, aged 24 months in new French oak barrels and 36 months in the bottle.

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