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A truly exquisite rum is born, just like "Dos Maderas 5+3" and "Dos Maderas PX", it is handmade and aged previously in the Caribbean and then it is shipped to the Williams & Humbert facilities, where is it aged using the solera system. It is different from the other two of the range because it is left to age for 15 years: 10 years in the Caribbean and 5 in barrels that previously held wine at Don Guido. This rum is unique worldwide as it acquires tastes and nuances from the two ancient cultures that make it the "rum among all rums". That is why it is so popular among the most refined palates. It’s a real luxury for the most sybaritic.


Data sheet

ManufacturerBodegas William & Humbert
TypeRon añejo con triple proceso crianza.
Bottle of700 ml.
Alcohol content40%
Sight tastingColor ámbar oscuro, con destellos dorados
BouquetEn nariz, las notas se centran mucho en los aspectos más dulces y melosos de la miel de caña y de madera. Aparecen notas de almendras, de fruta blanca y melazas.
PalateEn boca, sorprende por su carácter dulce y por la interesante integración de alcohol y las notas de madera y especias
RecommendationsPor su altísima calidad se recomienda consumirlo solo o con un poco de hielo.