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Selected liquors

Uncategorized liquors and distillates, pomace and regional liquors, both national and imported.

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  • 13,35€
  • 16,50€

    Mooma is a brandy produced from a selection of apples from L'Empordà. It is a brandy aged in the style of the most traditional French Calvados due to its double aging process in Rum barrels and later in Sherry barrels.

  • 8,90€


    Ruavieja herbal liqueur is made with selected natural herbs and macerated in brandy. Its vibrant yellow accentuates the hue of the greens of its natural herbs. Hence its aroma and sweet flavor of entry with notes of peppermint, menthol on a chamomile background.

  • 15,40€

    Cilantro of Pazo de Valdomiño Clásico is a unique coriander, aromatic and medicinal herbal liqueur in the world, prepared following an old recipe introduced in 1877 by the goianés D. Manuel Ozores and transmitted, since then, through generations.

  • 16,50€

    Grappa Libarna Riserva es una de las grapas más antiguas de italia. Esta envejecida al menos 18 meses en bota.

  • 12,95€
  • 14,30€

    Fernet-branca is an Italian liqueur made by combining 27 herbs, roots and spices from its extraordinary secret and inimitable formula.

  • 12,90€

    Aperol is a bright orange snack, it has a unique flavor thanks to the secret recipe that has never been modified, infused with selected ingredients, including sweet and bitter oranges and many other herbs (including rhubarb) and roots in perfect proportions.

  • 11,25€

    Liquor Limoncello Villa Massa is the icon of Sorrento gastronomy, it is an alcoholic beverage obtained by mixing the essential oils of lemons, sugar, water and alcohol with great skill.

  • 26,90€
  • 16,90€

    Herbal liquor Tizona del Cid Especial is born from the maceration for 15 days of more than thirty different herbs, contained in wooden barrels and mostly cultivated and collected in the Castilian fields.

  • 10,50€

    Joaquín Rebolledo

    Joaquín Rebolledo's Café liquor is made with the Mencia variety.Joaquín Rebolledo's coffee liqueur

Showing 1 - 12 of 74 items