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Sparkling wine or needle wine is dissolved sparkling wine. The gas is obtained by a second fermentation in an airtight bottle (or, in some cases, in an airtight tank of several hundred liters), the CO2 produced dissolves in the liquid since it cannot escape. The second fermentation already in the bottle can be achieved by adding sugar, bottling the wine before the fermentation is complete or by closing the fermentation tank before the end of the fermentation.

Another different case is that of sparkling wine, in which gas is artificially added in the form of carbonated soft drinks. Only when they follow the traditional method (also known as the Champagne method) can Champagne or an equivalent method be considered, and even then, those who designate the origin in the Champagne vineyard are the only ones who can use the name Champagne.

Sparkling wine produced in Spain is also known as cavas, and it also uses traditional production methods. The supremacy of Spanish sparkling wine corresponds to the town of San Sadurní de Noya, which belongs to the Alto Penedés region, where the refining process began and in most cases the highest standards followed by the French region of Champagne-Ardenne (Champagne-Ardenne). countries. Won. Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla y La Mancha, Extremadura, La Rioja, the Basque Country, Murcia, Navarra and more recently The proportion of sparkling wine in Andalusia is relatively small (in fact, less than 15%). Sparkling wines are highly appreciated as an accompaniment to aperitifs due to their good acidity, but they can also be combined well with seafood or fish.

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Charles de Fére
French Sparkling
€12.50 (tax incl.)
Charles de Fere Brut Merite Blanc de Noir French traditional method is a sparkling wine made in France, using mostly black grapes.
€32.90 (tax incl.)
Super price!
Piper-Heidsieck Brut is a classic French champagne that has nothing to envy to its more reputable competitors.
Montesquius Brut
€5.90 (tax incl.)
Montesquius Brut is a cava made using the traditional Champenoise method. It is a cava with fresh, aromatic and lively tones.
92 RP Louis Roederer Collection 243
Louis Roederer
€55.90 (tax incl.)
Louis Roederer Collection is the successor to the Brut Premier. A living champagne, more contemporary than ever. Created from the Perpetual Reserve and wood-aged reserve wines, completed with the best wines of the...
AA Laieta Gran Reserva Brut Nature. Cava
Alta Alella Mirgin
€18.80 (tax incl.)
Alta Alella Laieta Gran Reserva Brut Nature is a cava from organic grapes bottled in a special bottle to accentuate the differentiating factor and represented by a very international blend that gives it a much...
Juvé & Camps
€17.90 (tax incl.)
Reserva de la Familia is the most well-known cava of Juvé Y Camps, it is a Brut Nature made from the must of grapes from estates of Espiells (Can Rius), La Cuscona and Mediona
Canto 5 Frizze
Diez Siglos
Castilla y León
€5.75 (tax incl.)
Canto 5 Frizzé is a frizzante white wine, made with Verdejo grapes.
Champagne Jean de Burigny Brut
€22.95 (tax incl.)
Jean de Burigny is a fantastic champagne produced by the Coopérative Régionale des Vins de Champagne in Reims, this delicious champagne is made with the Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties by Elisabeth...
Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante
Frizz Wine
€6.95 (tax incl.)
Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante iIt is a young white wine, partially fermented, fresh and sweet, with a touch of carbon and only 5.5% alcohol.
Montesquius Ecològic Brut Nature Reserva
€11.50 (tax incl.)
Montesquius Ecològic Brut Nature Reserva is a cava made with the typical varieties of the Penedès region using the Traditional Champenoise Method. Aged between 18 and 20 months in underground cellars. It is an...
Montesquius 1918 Gran Reserva Extra Brut
€12.50 (tax incl.)
Montesquius 1918 Gran Reserva Extra Brut eta made with Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada grapes. It is a cava of great finesse, with a well-integrated, powerful bubble and great personality.
Moët & Chandon
€42.95 (tax incl.)
Moët & Chandon Impérial is the most emblematic champagne of the Maison. It was created in 1869 and embodies the unique style of Moët & Chandon, which is distinguished by a lively fruit, a seductive palate and...
Gran Montesquius Reserva Brut
€8.50 (tax incl.)
Gran Montesquius Reserva Brut is a cava made from varieties of Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada grapes, aged for 26 months in an underground cellar at a controlled temperature. It is a mature, fresh, aromatic and...
Rose Allée. Birkedal Hartmann
Birkedal Hartmann
French Sparkling
€8.65 (tax incl.)
French rosé sparkling wine.
Finca Torremilanos
€10.90 (tax incl.)
Peñalba López Brut Nature is a reserve cava prepared according to the traditional method or ¨Method Champenoise¨, elaborated by Bodegas Finca Torremilanos.
Veuve Cilcquot Brut Yellow Label
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
€51.90 (tax incl.)
Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label is the symbol of the Maison Veuve Clicquot since 1772. Its complexity, the perfect balance between power and subtlety, comes from the predominant presence of Pinot Noir. Reflection of...
Alta Alella 10
Alta Alella Mirgin
€95.00 (tax incl.)
Alta Alella 10 is a cava brut nature great collection reserve. Made under the traditional Champagne method, after a short fermentation in French oak barrels, it is aged for 10 years on the lees.
Champagne Gruet Selection Brut
Champagne Gruet
€29.50 (tax incl.) €31.50
Gruet Selection Brut es un champagne con un ensamblaje que mezcla lo afrutado del Pinot (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier) y la finura del Chardonnay.
Alta Alella Mirgin Laietá Brut Nature 37,5 cl.
Alta Alella Mirgin
€12.90 (tax incl.)
Alta Alella Mirgin Laietá Brut Nature is a cava from organic grapes bottled in a special bottle to accentuate the differential factor and represented by a very international blend that gives it much more marked...
Montesquius Natureloveres Brut Nature Reserva
€10.50 (tax incl.)
Montesquius Natureloveres Brut Nature Reserva is a cava with a unique texture and personality. Aged for more than 17 months, obtaining the reserve category.Gran Montesquius Reserva Brut is a cava made from varieties...
AA Mirgin Gran Reserva Brut Nature. Cava
Alta Alella Mirgin
€10.90 (tax incl.)
Alta Alella Mirgin Gran Reserva Brut Nature is a cava from organic grapes. With a strict application of the traditional method of production and with a minimum aging of 30 months, it is put on sale freshly cut....
Taittinger Fifa World Cup 2022 Edition
€64.55 (tax incl.)
Taittinger is once again the official champagne of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. For this special occasion it presents this special limited edition.
Peñascal Rosado Aguja. V.T. Castilla Y León
Bodegas Peñascal
Rosé Wine
€4.20 (tax incl.)
Peñascal Rosado en un vino de aguja natural, afrutado, perfumado y muy fresco. Su color y su sabor lo hacen deliciosamente único. El acompañante perfecto para todo tipo de comidas.
€4.70 (tax incl.)
Cresta Rosa Perelada is a rosé sparkling wine. A great rosé made with the Tempranillo, Merlot and Cavernet Sauvignon varieties, and with a subtle needlepoint that gives it freshness.


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