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Grandin Grande Réserve Brut Rosé

Henri Grandin / French Sparkling Brut / Garnacha, Pinot Noir y Gamay Noir

Grandin Grande Reserve Brut Rosé is a quality sparkling wine produced in France. Blancs de Noirs are famous for their potency and generous fruity taste.

Made using the traditional method. A selection of the best base wines among the different Blanc de Noirs strains: Merlot, Grenache, allows an elaborate combination full of power, body, vinous and persistence.

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Product Details
Data sheet
Henri Grandin.
Garnacha, Pinot Noir y Gamay Noir
 Bottle of
750 ml.
 Alcohol content
Tasting notes
Pearly pink colour.
Full and fine nose, aromas of small red fruits.
On the palate it is round and maintained with a discreet blend. Subtle mouth with the presence of red fruits, a touch of vinosity that ends with silky notes.
Consumo y conservación
This great reserve is a perfect accompaniment to all kinds of red fruit desserts such as strawberry cake or currant tart.

Grandin is the successful brand of a noble family, rich owners of land since 1585. Alfred Grandin left the notary's office to dedicate himself to viticulture and in 1886 created the Winery in Ingrandes-sur-Loire that still carries his son's name today. : HENRI GRANDIN. Father and son work together and develop the family heritage

Forty years after the founding of the Winery, Henri Grandin runs the most incredible vineyard in the Loire (3 castles, 800 hectares of which 288 are vineyards). In 1926, he produced 1,800,000 bottles a year. Henri Grandin quickly spreads the wines of his lands and develops a Traditional Method that bears his name.

With the initial Controlled Denomination from Anjou Rosé wine, the success is so great that it increases its range. Always full of ideas, the passionate Henri Grandin establishes, together with his cellar manager, the Traditional Henri Grandin Method from white wines from the region, within the tradition of Loire wines: fresh, light wines with floral aromas and final citrus touches on the palate.

Known for its unique style, this Winery collaborates with bars and restaurants on the Île de France. He is also present at all parties and receptions in Paris. It is the beginning of his great success.

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