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  • 11,90€

    Etxeco Patxarana is the result of maceration of sloes with alcohol. From the maceration, which will last approximately 2 months depending on the evolution of the bluish fruit with the alcohol, both in color and in tasting, the sugar and anise are added. The resulting mixture is filtered up to 5 times to remove impurities and obtain a homogeneous mixture...

  • 79,00€
  • 159,00€
  • 15,25€

    Chivas Brothers Ltd.

    Chivas 12 is a smooth, tasty and splendid whiskey. Blend of great malt and grain whiskeys matured for at least 12 years.

  • 29,65€


    Cardhu 12 Year Old is one of the most popular Single Malt Scotch whiskeys. It is smooth and balanced.

  • 8,50€


    Casajus Orujo Cream, exceptional flavor and texture combined to create the best pomace cream for your after-meals.A careful elaboration process and with the best ingredients, accompanied by the texture, make this product a perfect complement to create countless desserts, or simply to put an exceptional point on your meals. A pleasant and surprising cream...

  • 19,50€


    Brugal XV is a unique blend that combines aged rums aged 3 to 8 years in American white oak barrels and aged rums aged 2 to 3 years in ex Jerez Pedro Ximénez barrels. The result is a perfect blend of dry rum with sweet touches and exceptional smoothness.

  • 11,20€

    The Vermouth Gran Reserva Benito Escudero is an artisan Garnacha vermouth. It is obtained from wine that ages 24 months in American and French barrels. It is then aged for 5 years in storage.

  • 16,50€


    Mooma is a brandy produced from a selection of apples from L'Empordà. It is a brandy aged in the style of the most traditional French Calvados due to its double aging process in Rum barrels and later in Sherry barrels.

  • 52,65€

    Industrias Licoreras de Gutatemala

    Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera 23 years old contains a mixture of rums aged from 6 to 23 years

  • 8,50€


    Crema De Burgos Casajús, a novel Burgos yolk liqueur, a tribute to this typical Burgos dessert turned into an ideal liqueur cream to preside over any after-dinner meal.

  • 29,30€
Showing 1 - 12 of 490 items