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Vermouth Perlino Bianco

Perlino vermouths are flavored wines produced according to the old Piedmontese recipe. Premium wine, sugar and alcohol are mixed with extracts and aromatic plants that are left to infuse for several days. This allows to obtain a product whose flavor has the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, delicate and aromatic and with a defined personality. Perlino vermouths can be appreciated alone, with ice and as a base for preparing numerous cocktails and snacks.

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Data sheet

Bottle of1000 ml.
Alcohol content15%
Sight tastingAmarillo pajizo
BouquetBien balanceado e intenso, con hierbas y especias aromáticas y toques de vainilla
PalateAgradablemente dulce e armonioso
RecommendationsIdeal en las rocas o para la preparación de cócteles. Sírvase frío