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Picofino Original Gin

Picofino Original Gin is a gin made from 5 botanical distillations. The result is a different gin, with complex aromas with hints of grapefruit and a characteristic flavor obtained from liquorice and cinnamon.

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Data sheet

Bottle of700 ml.
Alcohol content40%
Sight tastingTransparent and slightly brown color caused by the maceration of liquorice in its production process.
BouquetBehind a very soft layer of alcohol, the juniper and the citrus and fruity touches of the grapefruit appear very marked. Licorice, Ceylon cinnamon and a light herbal touch can be seen in the background.
PalateVery silky, soft and elegant. Ceylon cinnamon gives it a sweet spot, balanced with the bitterness and dryness of licorice root and the intense base of juniper distillate.
RecommendationsIts complexity only invites flavoring the glass or wide glass (previously cooled) with a twist of citrus (ideally grapefruit) and a very cold tonic water without excess sugar. Of course, the large, abundant and solid ice.