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93 RP Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial - Castilla y León
Abadía Retuerta
Castilla y León
€25.50 (tax incl.)
Super price!
Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial is a very balanced, harmonious wine with great aromatic richness and incredible expressiveness.Produced from the selection of the best grapes of each payment, I combine the richness...
Grillo. Somontano
El Grillo Y La Luna
€31.95 (tax incl.) €36.95
Grillo is a wine produced by the family winery El Grillo Y La Luna in Somontano. For its elaboration, clarification by gravity and fermentation in French oak fudres are used, separated by variety and plot.
Mauro 2020 Magnum
Bodegas Mauro
Castilla y León
€74.90 (tax incl.)
Mauro is a wine of great quality, balanced, opulent and sensual, that vindicates the identity of the terroir, the characteristics of the varieties and the personality of the producer. It can be said that it is the...
Petit Hipperia 2020
Pago de Vallegarcía
Tierra de Castilla
€13.35 (tax incl.)
Petit Hipperia is the youngest wine from the Vallegarcía winery, it is very versatile, serious and complex. It is a modern wine with a very marked personality that it acquires from the terroir that has its own...
91 RP Camins del Priorat
Álvaro Palacios
€20.85 (tax incl.)
Camins del Priorat by Álvaro Palacios is a very elegant Priorat wine with a friendly drink. the perfect wine to delve into the wines of this winery known for the production of very complex and higher-priced wines.
Habla Del Silencio. D.O. Extremadura
Bodegas Habla
€10.35 (tax incl.) €10.95
Habla del Silencio is the star wine of the wineries Habla de la V.T. Estremadura. A red wine with aging, powerful and fleshy.


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