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    Highland Park Loki 15 Year Old The Valhalla Collection. The second release in Highland Park's Valhalla Collection following last year's Thor release. Loki is Thor's adoptive brother, a mischievous soul, possibly even a shape-shifter and certainly an enigmatic character. Highland Park have sought to create a whisky that matches Loki's unique personality...

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    Highland Park Freya 15 Year Old The Valhalla Collection. The third release in Highland Park's The Valhalla Collection is the Freya, a 15 year old single malt Scotch whisky named after the Norse Goddess of Love. Wise, sensitive and with a magical cloak of feathers that creates the Northern Lights above Orkney, Freya was a valiant protector of human souls....

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    Highland Park Odin 16 Year Old The Valhalla Collection. Highland Park's Valhalla Collection concludes with Odin, named for the ruler of Asgard - a wise, powerful god who sacrificed an eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom, fathered Thor and rode around on an 8-legged horse. Really. A horse with 8 legs - the only steed the Furious One needs. To match the...

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    Highland Park Ice Edition 17 Year Old whiskey is a special release of only 30,000 bottles. Matured only in ex-Bourbon barrels, it offers intense aromas of fresh fresh pineapple and ripe mango sorbet, backed by an iced kick of ginger root, which reflects all the majestic powers of the great ice giant, Ymir.

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    Highland Park Triskelion, a very special edition created for the first and only time by three legendary Highland Park whisky makers

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    Caol Ila Douglas Laing's Premier Barrel Selection 10 Year Old

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Showing 1 - 12 of 71 items