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White wine

Buy White wine online at Bebevino

White wine is a variety of wines that can vary between straw yellow, greenish yellow or golden yellow. It is produced by alcoholic fermentation of colorless grape skins, which can have a white or black appearance to maintain a transparent yellow color in the final product. There are many types of white wines, mainly from the various strains and production methods used, as well as the residual sugar rate.

White wine is estimated to have been consumed for 2,500 years. It was accompanied by economic development and settled in all countries with a tradition of wine consumption, mainly in Europe, America and Oceania.

The white grapes that mainly produce white wine are green or yellow, which is a very common variety in the world, which is why this wine is produced in many regions of the world. Some varieties are very well known, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. There are also varieties of black grapes, such as Pinot Noir, which are used to make white wine or champagne.

Among many types of white wines, dry white wines are the most common. It is more or less aromatic and acidic, and originates from the complete fermentation of the must. Sweet wines are wines whose fermentation is interrupted before all the sugar in the grapes is converted to alcohol. Sparkling wine, mainly white wine, refers to the gas that the carbon dioxide produced by fermentation dissolves in the wine and turns into gas when the bottle cap is opened, producing a fine foam.

White wine is usually drunk before meals, snacks, desserts or soft drinks. Traditionally it is accompanied by white meat and certain types of cheeses. Its consumption is also usually related to the consumption of fish and shellfish.

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Mantel Blanco Verdejo Mantel Blanco Verdejo
Bodegas Alvarez y Díez
Mantel Blanco Verdejo is a Rueda wine made by Bodegas Álvarez y Díez.
Quintaluna. Verdejo. Quintaluna. Verdejo.
Ossian Vides Y Vinos
Castilla y León
Ossian Quintaluna expresses the freshness and genuine character of the Verdejo variety. With low yields, concentration and varietal typicity are enhanced. In its careful elaboration, the wine has been kept for about...
Ramón Bilbao Verdejo - Rueda Ramón Bilbao Verdejo - Rueda
Ramón Bilbao
Ramòn Bilbao Verdejo is a wine created in the new Ramón Bilbao winery in Rueda. A fresh and tasty wine.
Canto Del Grillo Cri Cri Canto Del Grillo Cri Cri
El Grillo Y La Luna
€19.95 €25.45
Canto del Grillo is a white wine aged in barrels and made with Chardonnay grapes in Somontano (Aragón) by the family winery El Grillo Y La Luna. An intense and elegant wine that falls in love from start to finish.
Terras Gauda. Albariño. Rías Baixas Terras Gauda. Albariño. Rías Baixas
Bodegas Terras Gauda
Rías Baixas
Terras Gauda is a great white wine made with 3 types of grapes, Albariño in greater quantity, around 30% Loureiro and a small proportion of Caíño, each variety provides different characteristics to the wine, which...
Ossian. Castilla Y León Ossian. Castilla Y León
Ossian Vides Y Vinos
Castilla y León
Ossian is a powerful Verdejo wine that attracts by its strength. It is tasty, unctuous and remains in the memory of those who try it.
Lolo Albariño Lolo Albariño
Paco & Lola
Rías Baixas
Super price!
Lolo is a 100% Albariño wine made with grapes from the newest Paco&Lola vineyards, located in the Salnés Valley and cultivated in sandy loam, granitic and slightly acid soils. A young and carefree wine, perfect to...
Paco & Lola. Albariño Rías Baixas Paco & Lola. Albariño Rías Baixas
Paco & Lola
Rías Baixas
Paco y Lola is the freshest and funniest albariño from the Rías Baixas. Prepared by sustainable production, from the must of selected grapes.
O Luar Do Sil Godello. Valdeorras. O Luar Do Sil Godello. Valdeorras.
Pago De Los Capellanes
O Luar do Sil Godello is a 100% godello white wine made in the newly created O Luar do Sil winery, belonging to Pago de Capellanes. A wine that is alive, fresh, clean and sincere.
Beronia Verdejo Rueda Beronia Verdejo Rueda
Super price!
Beronia Verdejo is a monovarietal wine from the D.O. It rolls with a unique flavor and personality.
Oremus Mandolás Oremus Mandolás
Hungarian Wines
Super price!
Oremus Mandolás Tokaji Dry is a high-quality white wine made in Tokaj, Hungary, by Tempos Vega-Sicilia wineries. Mandolás Furmint is a young and fruity white wine, with fresh aromas, however it is a wine that has body...
Tomás Postigo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica. V.T. Castilla Y León Tomás Postigo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica. V.T. Castilla Y León
Tomás Postigo
Castilla y León
Tomás Postigo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica is a high-quality white wine aged in barrels for 8 months. Made from Verdejo grapes from vineyards located in Nieva, Segovia.
Jose Pariente Verdejo. Rueda Jose Pariente Verdejo. Rueda
José Pariente
José Pariente presents this wine from the 100% Verdejo varietal, flagship of the winery. A fresh and elegant wine representative of the wine region of Rueda.
Canto 5 Frizze Canto 5 Frizze
Diez Siglos
Castilla y León
Canto 5 Frizzé is a frizzante white wine, made with Verdejo grapes.
Mar De Frades 2022 Mar De Frades 2022
Bodegas Mar de Frades
Rías Baixas
Albariño Mar de Frades is a fruity wine with marine memories that seduces us with its elegant freshness. A wine that represents all the expressiveness of the Albariño grape.
Viña Mein - Emilio Rojo
Meín Castes Brancas 2022 is the evolution of O Pequeno. The deep division of the land into the different towns of the municipality of Leiro is taken advantage of with meticulous viticulture adapted to the microclimate...
Pinna Fidelis Verdejo. D.O. Rueda Pinna Fidelis Verdejo. D.O. Rueda
Bodegas Pinna Fidelis
Pinna Fidelis Verdejo is a white wine from D.O. Verdejo, Spain.
Oremus Tokaji Late Harvest Oremus Tokaji Late Harvest
Fortified Wine
Oremus Late Harvest is a sweet white wine made by blending different native Hungarian grape varieties. A fruity flavor characterizes this vintage of Late Harvest 2022, which gives a lot of aromatic intensity alongside...
Muga Blanco Barrica - D.O. Rioja Muga Blanco Barrica - D.O. Rioja
Multivarietal white wine made from a manual harvest, it remains for 4 months in barrels, it is a wine that stands out for its smoothness and complexity on the palate. This wine is made with traditional grape varieties...
Thierry Guérin La Roche Thierry Guérin La Roche
Thierry Guérin
French Wines
€19.45 €22.45
La Roche Pouilly-Fuissé is a white wine from French Burgundy made by Thierry Guérin.
Ennius Blanco Frizzante Moscato Ennius Blanco Frizzante Moscato
Frizz Wine
Ennius is a frizzante white wine made from Moscato grapes.
Guitian Godello. Valdeorras Guitian Godello. Valdeorras
Bodegas A Tapada - Guitian.
Guitian is the youngest wine from Bodegas A Tapada -Guitian Vinos-, made with 100% Godello grapes from vineyards from Rubiana (Orense), within the D.O. Valdeorras.
Barbadillo Castillo de San Diego Barbadillo Castillo de San Diego
Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz
Barbadillo is a white wine with finesse and a very lively and transparent instinct. Inimitable flavor, vibrant and pure.
Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante
Frizz Wine
Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante iIt is a young white wine, partially fermented, fresh and sweet, with a touch of carbon and only 5.5% alcohol.


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