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Los Amigos Pedro Ximénez

Pérez Barquero

Los Amigos PX is a very smooth dry fortified wine. Made with 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes. A sweet wine to enjoy on its own or use in cooking.

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Data sheet

ManufacturerPérez Barquero.
Wine regionMontilla-Moriles
GrapePedro Ximénez
BreedingOxidative aging by the criaderas and soleras system.
Bottle of750 ml.
Alcohol content15%
Sight tastingCleansed. Transparent. Sparkly. Unctuous. Dark mahogany color with iodinated nuances.
BouquetIntense, deep and complex. raisined grape. Date. Cane honey. Toasted aromas.
PalateSweet and velvety. Dense. Balanced. Warm. Persistent. Elegant and powerful aftertaste memory.
ParingDesserts, snacks and as a single drink. It is perfect as a gastronomic ingredient.
RecommendationsDrink at room temperature or cold, preferably in a wine glass.