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Tokaji Oremus Eszencia 2008


Oremus Tokaji Eszencia 2008 is a drink of incredible wealth, to which nothing can be matched in the world. It has a low alcohol content (1 to 3%), due to the extraordinary amount of sugar that is concentrated in it, so that a residual sugar of 500 or more grams per liter is not uncommon. Eszencia is the nectar of Tokaj and the soul of Oremus wines. Pure concentration and intensity.

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Data sheet

Wine regionTokaj-Hegyalja, Hungría
GrapeFurmint, Hárslevelü, Zéta y Sárgamuskotály
TypeVino dulce.
Bottle of375 ml.
Alcohol content3%
RecommendationsEste vino está apto para beber actualmente pero tiene un potencial de guarda de 40 años si se conserva en óptimas condiciones: 12-14 ºC y a una humedad relativa del 60%.
Serving temperature:10ºC